Jasemet Cover - Green Diamond Tribe

$ 32.00

Product Details

The Jasemet cover provides FULL COVERAGE while you nurse your child.  

Ÿ•Breastfeed with ease while knowing that your baby will not pull or kick off the cover. 
Ÿ•The neck hole expands so it can be placed under one arm and you easily look in to glance at your baby.
The Jasemet cover also functions as a:
Ÿ•SCARF - Wear it as single loop infinity scarf.
Ÿ•INFANT CAR SEAT COVER - Protect your baby from the wind and bring sunlight.
Ÿ•HIGHCHAIR COVER - Keep the icky germs away from your child while eating at your local restaurant. 
Ÿ•SHOPPING CART COVER - Keep the germs away from your little one while shopping. 

Each nursing cover includes its own carrying bag with built in pocket.

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