Using just a few products that multitask can make a huge difference in the appearance of our skin.

Posted on December 04 2017

As busy moms, beginning an in-depth skin care routine can feel daunting. But I promise, it doesn't have to be! A few basic, multitasking products is all you really need for healthy, clear skin.

Here are my must have's for moms:

Toner- Our toners are made with organic herbs and essential oils that hydrate skin and help fight bacteria. Cleansing changes the pH levels of our skin and, if left untreated, our skin takes an average of 12 hours to get back to it's natural pH level. Our skin is naturally acidic and we need that acidity to fight free radicals and prevent bacteria. Using a toner quickly restores the pH levels of our skin and maintains the integrity of our acid mantle. For acne prone skin, the Clear Toner is perfect because it is full of acne fighting herbs and essential oils, as well as apple cider vinegar. Our chamomile infused Soothe Toner is ideal for sensitive skin types. The antioxidant rich Rewind Toner is made for those looking to turn back time and restore skin's natural youthful glow.



Oil Serums: These organic beauty oils are the real multitaskers. I use the same oil to remove makeup, moisturize, and prime my skin. A drop gently rubbed around the eyes will dissolve stubborn eye makeup. They absorb into the deepest layers of the skin making them the ideal moisturizer. If my skin needs a little extra glow, I add a drop to my foundation. All of Harper Apothecary's serums are made using essential oils that increase skin's cellular metabolism, reduce hyperpigmentation, and kill bacteria.



Exfoliant: Harper Apothecary's Cleansing Grains act as your biweekly exfoliant and a detoxifying face mask. Sloughing off that top layer of dead skin cells reveals brighter, tighter, smoother skin. And since we all know that our bodies absorb chemicals, these Cleansing Grains have been made water-free, which means zero preservatives! No harmful or synthetic chemicals. It also means you can customize your grains to meet the needs of your skin. With each use, you mix the clay and oats mixture with your desired liquid to create a paste. If your skin is feeling dry, try adding coconut water to added hydration. Mixing with apple cider vinegar will give you an intense detox and chilled green tea will soothe irritated skin. The options are endless and so much fun to experiment with. 


Using just a few products that multitask can make a huge difference in the appearance of our skin.

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